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Meet The Team

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Helen Wong

Founder cum Managing Director

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Ivan Kok

General Manager

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Sevarajah AL Gopal Pillai

Senior Operation Manager

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Electrical Specialist

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Muhammad Ibrahim

Mechanical Specialist



Helen and Rajah has been in partnership for the past 30 years, Helen's strength is in planning and organizing on the logistics part. Rajah's strength is in the project operations from estimation, dismantling, containers requirement and stuffing skills. He has the best knowledge, skills, and experience that no one is better than him in the industry. Ivan is a new comer and plays a very important supportive role to both the seniors and brings innovation to the company. 

Our team has handled successfully number of  big and small projects in the country as well as in the overseas countries, such as Hawaii, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, China, etc. We have our experienced packing team, mechanical & electrical dismantling teams and supervisors to oversee the operations. Helen and Ivan are able to compliment and support the operation team with all the planning and admin work.


"Nothing is too difficult or impossible to us."

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